Verifying archive integrity... All good.
Uncompressing VirtualBox 4.3.12 Guest Additions for Linux............
VirtualBox Guest Additions installer
Removing installed version 4.3.12 of VirtualBox Guest Additions...
Copying additional installer modules ...
Installing additional modules ...
Removing existing VirtualBox non-DKMS kernel modules       [  确定  ]
Building the VirtualBox Guest Additions kernel modules
Building the main Guest Additions module                   [  确定  ]
Building the shared folder support module                  [失败]
(Look at /var/log/vboxadd-install.log to find out what went wrong)
Doing non-kernel setup of the Guest Additions              [  确定  ]
Installing the Window System drivers
Installing X.Org Server 1.14 modules                       [  确定  ]
Setting up the Window System to use the Guest Additions    [  确定  ]
You may need to restart the hal service and the Window System (or just restart
the guest system) to enable the Guest Additions.

Installing graphics libraries and desktop services componen[  确定  ]
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make[2]: *** [/tmp/vbox.0/regops.o] 错误 1
make[1]: *** [_module_/tmp/vbox.0] 错误 2
make: *** [vboxsf] 错误 2
this has to do with a new version of GCC or kernel in Fedora and the fix was to update to a newer version of VirtualBox,
 but that can be problematic right now on a Windows host. I would try the 4.3.16 guest additions and see if that fixes this.
 If that fails then you need to see if 4.3.16 works in the host. Read the issues though https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=63556
大致意思是由于使用新版本gcc或者kernel,而guest additions并不支持. 解决办法是使用4.3.16版本的增强功能.